Milagro Towels
by Matouk

21 Colors Available
A miracle of softness and absorbency made from the finest Egyptian Cotton. Zero twist yarn creates a towel  that is ultra soft and very thick and fluffy. These towels become much denser and thicker after washing.

  • Available Colors: White, Ivory, Butter, Maize, Linen, Bronze, Sterling, Mineral, Steel, Pink, Saffron, Sea Foam, Opal, Aqua, Aegean Blue, Sky Blue, Azure, Periwinkle, Navy, Fig, French Roast
  • Monogramming Available

  • Wash Cloth: $11.00 each
    Fingertip Towel: $12.00 each
    Hand Towel: $22.00 each
    Bath Towel: $45.00 each